Vic Chesnutt
feat. Guy Picciotto (Fugazi) & members of A Silver Mt Zion
Wednesday 13 February 2008
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lineage: GM Standard > GM Battery Box > iRiver H320 + Rockbox > Har-Bal v2.3 Revision 3 [EQ & extra dBs] > Wavelab 6.10 build 340 [plugins: Magneto 1.5, D82 Sonic Maximizer and Waves L3 Ultramaximizer] > CD Wave Editor v1.98 > Audacity [hard limiter, amplify, fade in/fade out] > Trader's Little Helper > Mp3Tag > Flac
Position: ~8 meters from stage, on right side, on left side after track 9
Mics: hung over shirt collar
Recorded by _tunic_ []
Remastered by Grigio
Duration: 2h00m09s

01 intro
02 First Show Of The Tour
03 Everything I Say
04 Sponge
05 Marathon
06 Rustic City Fathers
07 Splendid
08 Distortion
09 You Are Never Alone
10 Warm %
11 Fodder On Her Wings (Nina Simone cover) $
12 Coward
13 Glossolalia
14 banter
15 Debriefing
16 encore
17 tuning
18 Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones cover)
19 banter
20 Over ^

Line-up (from right to left on stage):
Vic Chesnutt - guitar, vocals
Jessica Moss - violin (A Silver Mt. Zion, Black Ox Orkestar)
Thierry Amar - bass (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, ASMZ, BOO)
David Payant - drums (ASMZ)
Nadia Moss - organ (ASMZ, BOO)
Efrim Menuck - guitar (GY!BE, ASMZ)
Guy Piccioto - guitar (Fugazi)

^ Vic solo
% Vic with Thierry
$ Vic with Jessica


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