Vic Chesnutt
feat. Guy Picciotto (Fugazi) & members of A Silver Mt Zion
Thursday 14 February 2008
Cactus Club @ MaZ

Lineage: GM Standard > GM Battery Box > iRiver H320 + Rockbox > Har-Bal v2.3 Revision 3 [EQ & extra dBs] > Wavelab 6.10 build 340 [plugins: Magneto 1.5, D82 Sonic Maximizer and Waves L3 Ultramaximizer] > CD Wave Editor v1.98 > Audacity [hard limiter, fade in/fade out] > Trader's Little Helper > Mp3Tag > Flac
Position: front of stage, left side
Mics: hung over shirt collar
Recorded by _tunic_ []
Remastered by Grigio
Duration: 1h54m26s

00 tuning
01 intro
02 Everything I Say
03 Sponge
04 Marathon
05 Rustic City Fathers
06 Splendid
07 Distortion
08 You Are Never Alone
09 Warm %
10 Fodder On Her Wings (Nina Simone cover) $
11 Glossolalia
12 Debriefing
13 encore
14 Coward
15 Over ^

Line-up (from right to left on stage):
Vic Chesnutt - guitar, vocals
Jessica Moss - violin (A Silver Mt. Zion, Black Ox Orkestar)
Thierry Amar - bass (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, ASMZ, BOO)
David Payant - drums (ASMZ)
Nadia Moss - organ (ASMZ, BOO)
Efrim Menuck - guitar (GY!BE, ASMZ)
Guy Piccioto - guitar (Fugazi)

^ Vic solo
% Vic with Thierry
$ Vic with Jessica


The very first time I saw Vic was a couple of months earlier in my hometown, with this same band (except for Nadia). The result of that you can hear here:
I still had the goosebumps on my skin from that night when it was announced that they would return to Europe for another tour in February. So I got to see them again in Amsterdam and Brugge (the Amsterdam recording will follow some time soon, it's somewhere on Grigio's to-do-list). Even with getting lost, including a detour through the docks of Brugge, I still managed to arrive early at the venue. There was a small car parked in front with two elderly ladies inside. They said: "Didn't you hear? The show is canceled." Fortunately it was some kind of amateur play rehearsal that they were referring to, so I hadn't driven the 200km for nothing.
This is definitely not my best recording effort, it is far-out my favorite though. First of all the volume was quite low, and even after Grigio remastered it, Vic's solo songs are still very quiet. But we both felt that raising the volume more would introduce more background noise and hiss so we left it like it is now. Secondly my position was not ideal for a well-balanced result. Standing right in front of Guy, his guitar is the center piece here, Vic's guitar and Jessica's violin are less audible in the louder parts. Then there were some plops from the microphones, especially on the right channel. I've tried my best to clean those up, only during Sponge you'll still here some crackles. All the other weird noises are coming from Guy, either the chair he was sitting on, or him switching on/off his pedals. It's also him that's trying to wake up Vic at the start of the intro.

A quick Google search resulted in the following pictures, a short video and a review from this night. It may well have been the same camera you're hearing snapping on this recording, at least he must have been standing very close to me.
* Pictures:
* Short video-clip:
* Review (in Dutch):

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