Feyzin (Lyon, France), Epicerie Moderne

Source: Core Sound Binaurals > Sony PCM-M1 @ 44.1k
Lineage: Sony DTC-ZE700 > Terratec DMX6Fire Lite (optical in) > Mastering/Editing > WAV > Flac (level 5)

o Tracklisting

t01 Everything I Say
t02 Sponge
t03 Marathon
t04 Distortion
t05 You Are Never Alone
t06 Warm
t07 Fodder in Her Wings [Nina Simone]
t08 Rustic City Fathers
t09 Debriefing
t10 Coward

Total running time: 1h28'29"

o Notes
Seeded for obvious reasons.
This recording was uploaded here a couple of days after this show, and I remember that I wanted it to sound exactly like at the venue, even if it meant too much lower end, and too aggressive higher frequencies.
But here I wanted to do something nicer to hear, so I took the original source and remastered the whole thing.

Vic Chesnutt was on tour wish the musicians from Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra playing their respective usual instruments, and Guy Picciotto on guitars.

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