Vic Chesnutt with Elf Power
Art Bar Columbia, SC
February 6, 2009

1.TV Talk
2. Mystery
3. Little Fucker
4. And How
5. Teddy Bear
6. We Are Mean
7. Stop the Horse
8. Bilocating Dog
9. The Mad Passion of the Stoic
10. Phil the Fiddler

Sound Professional goose neck mics > mic booster box > Edirol R-09 > ProTools edits (wav) > xACT (FLAC)

This is an audience recording of Vic Chesnutt and Elf Power performing their album Dark Developments. The sound is clear and Vic's vocals and the band sound good. I was about midway back in this relatively small room so I picked up a good bit of drunken chatter, and the crowd does talk more than I would like. Because of this, I cut out sections of crowd banter between songs. I did not cut out any music or talking from the stage. Overall the recording is still very listenable and a great performance from Vic Chesnutt and Elf Power.

As Vic put it,
"enthusiastic audience...
maybe not the politest of audiences..."

The first track is just talking. If anyone knows the last two track names, please let me know. Thanks, share and enjoy.

RIP Vic Chesnutt