Vic Godard & the Subway Sect

The Lyceum, London, 19 April 1981

01 Stool Pigeon
02 What's Your Name?
03 Be Your Age
04 Moving Bed
05 Stamp of a Vamp
06 Stop That Girl
07 Love for Sale
08 No Style
09 Mr Bennett
10 Crazy Crazy
11 Noola's Saloon
12 Anything Goes

Vic Godard - vocals
Rob Marche - guitar
Dave Collard - keyboards
Chris Bostock - bass
Sean McCluskey - drums

Lineage: cassette (unknown gen) > Audition > wav > flac > you

A couple of months on from the show I seeded last week, Vic and the boys return to the Lyceum for a John Cale support slot. This time around they're tighter, brighter and sporting a clutch of new songs that will end up on the soon-to-be-recorded 'Songs for Sale' LP.

Pretty good recording, quite sharp and clear, although it gets a bit distorted towards the end.