Vic Godard & the Subway Sect

Unknown UK venue, 23 December 1981

01 Crazy Crazy
02 (Hey Now) I'm in Love
03 Moving Bed
04 What's Your Name
05 No Style
06 Stop That Girl
07 Just in Time
08 Stamp of a Vamp
09 Anything Goes
10 Holiday Hymn
11 Crazy Crazy (reprise)

Vic Godard - vocals
Rob Marche - guitar
Dave Collard - keyboards
Chris Bostock - bass
Sean McCluskey - drums
unknown - trumpet

Lineage: cassette (unknown gen) > Audition > wav > flac > you

Following on from my Subway Sect uploading binge from last year, here's the next show on my list. Nice mellow show, recorded shortly after the release of the 'Stamp of a Vamp' single and a few months ahead of the 'Songs for Sale' album.

Any info on the venue or the identity of the guy playing trumpet much appreciated!