Victor Wooten
The Parting Glass
Saratoga, NY
October 27, 1997

Late Show

Source: ECM-717 mic > D8 (probable)
Transfer: DAT > Fostex D-15 > Ardour @ 44.1k
Master: Wavelab 6.10 (tracking; increase levels) > FLAC

Disc 1
1. Intro > What Did He Say
2. What You Won't Do For Love
3. ?
4. Loneliest Monk
5. banter re: Mongolian Popeye sounds
6. You Can't Hold No Groove If You Ain't Got No Pocket > Jam >
7. ? > World Is What You Make It (?)
8. ?

Disc 2
1. banter / call for bass players
2. bass lessons for Jeff, Charles & April
3. ? (J.D. Blair song) (w/ Jeff, Charles and April)
4. All Blues (w/ Jeff)
5. jam / riff on various songs >
6. "I Have A Dream"
7. crowd

8. Me & My Bass Guitar//

Victor Wooten - bass
J.D. Blair - drums

Charles Sims
Jeff Craven(?) (16 years old)

This was a fine performance with some really stellar bass playing. When Victor Wooten returned to the Albany area years later, this concert was referred to in local papers as "jaw-dropping" and "an experience, to say the least.",2005656 Unfortunately, the newspapers from October 1997 don't seem to be online, so no contemporaneous review could be found.

The Parting Glass is a great old beer hall in Saratoga, with music in the main room. The music alternates between full-on bass jamming to quieter solo segments. The ECM 717's exagerate the difference in perceived volume, especially in the high end, and particularly the cymbals and high hat. To improve this, the Ozone 5 Maximizer was used to even out the levels of every song except the first track, What Did He Say. That track was loud and repetitive and brassy enough as it was. You may, in fact, get tired ot hearing it fairly quickly. The remaining tracks are better.

The jam includes riffs on various X-mass songs, Norwegian Wood, The Nutcracker, classic music, The Simpons, Amazing Grace, etc., etc. This sort of thing was standard during this tour.

Thanks to Tom Reizes for the DAT.


--mhg :: 02/24/13