Vienna Art Orchestra Mathias Rüegg Direction
Jazz à Vienne, France

this recording present speed problem...sometime...
16 years old tape...but the music is here!!

Mathias Rüegg:Direction
Musicians announced by A.Francis at the end of track 08

Set List
01:Peer Gynt.(Grieg)
02:Casse Noisette.(Tchaïkocsky)
03:Asphalt Jungle.(D.Ellington)
04:Come Sunday.(D.Ellington)
05:El Gato.(D.Ellington)
06:The Shoes of The Fisherman's Wife.(C.Mingus)
07:The I Of Hurrican Sue.(C.Mingus)
08:Don't Be Afraid The Clown's Afraid Too.(C.Mingus)

Source Broadcast France Musique Jazz Club André Francis
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