vietnam veterans
july7th 1986
hofstetten (germany) [part of hilpoltstein, bavaria]
saalbau E

a R.S. audience master
taped with a SONY TCS 310 ( see pic included) to MAXELL XL II C-90 cassette

master cass played back on nakamichi cr7e (azimuth aligned) dolby off-->edirol 04-->HD- level corrections in audacity--tracked in cdwave--flac(8) (hanwaker transfer 2014-01)
all tapes flips are now seamless and no music is missing !


01 everywhere is my nation
02 let it rain
03 what are you hiding
04 next year
05 critics
06 tower of babel
07 in ancient times
08 dreams of today
09 curanderos
10 wrinkle drawer
11 crooked dealer
12 back from the night
13 you're gonna fall
14 dogs
15 is it really the time
16 don't try to walk on me
17 the days of pearly spencer
18 burning temples
19 the trip ( ends with dreams of today reprise)
21 hey gyp
22 500 miles

a R.S. audience master .. a hanwaker transfer and upload to dime 2014-01