Vigilantes of Love
North Star Bar
Philadelphia, PA

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Audience recording
Grade= A-

Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Blister Soul
3. 5 Miles Outside Monroe
4. Glory And The Dream
5. River Of Love
6. And You Drown
7. Version Of The Truth
8. She Walks On Roses
9. Skin
10. All The Mercy We Have Found
11. Always The Same Medicine
12. Willingly
13. Double Cure
14. Opposite's True

Disc 2
1. We Were Still Rockin'
2. Offer
3. Tempest
4. Undertow
5. Love Cocoon
6. Unsuccessful
7. Earth Has No Sorrow Heaven Can't Heal
8. Welcome To Struggleville
9. Real Down Town
10. When I'm Broken (See What Happens)
11. Hopeless Is As Hopeless Does
12. Parting Shot
13. The Ballad Of Russell Perry

This is an audience recording, but it sounds
absolutely fantastic in my opinion.

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