The Village Idiots
O'Leary's Pub
Scranton, PA
December 23, 2015

MJ Puskas - Bass/Vocals
Greg Kondrat - Guitar/Vocals
Chuck Sabatelle - Guitar/Vocals
Freeman White (Donna Jean Godchaux Band)- Keyboards/Vocals
Jami Novak (Cabinet)- Drums/Vocals
Pappy Biondo (Cabinet)- Electric Banjo

Soundboard + Schoeps MK21's (Onstage)>KCY 250/05i>VST62iu>Sound Devices 788t(recorded at 24 Bit/48khz)
SD788t>Nuendo 4 (Mix)>Sony Sound Forge Pro 11 (Fades,iZotope 64Bit SRC,iZotope MBIT+ Bit depth conversion to 16 Bit/44.1khz)>CDWAV(Tracking)>Trader's Little Helper (FLAC)

Recorded/Processed By Keith Litzenberger

Set One:

01 Dire Wolf
02 Operator
03 Cumberland Blues
04 Me & My Uncle
05 Mexicali Blues
06 China Cat Sunflower>
07 I Know You Rider
08 Feel Like A Stranger
09 Here Comes Sunshine
10 Blow Away
11 Hell In A Bucket

Set Two:

01 Stagger Lee*
02 Let It Grow*
03 Throwing Stones*>
04 The Music Never Stopped*
05 Hey Pocky Way
06 Like A Rolling Stone#
07 Don't Let Go
08 Terrapin Station*


09 Shakedown Street

*without Pappy
#with Van White on Drums/No Jami