Vince Welnick & Terrapin Space Band 08/02/2002
Thai Joe's Bangkok Orchid, Milwaukee, WI

Received from unknown poster at in early 2003,
Unknown lineup other than Vince, any help appreciated.

Source: unknown AUD > ? > CDR

Disc 1
1-Cold Rain & Snow
2-Mr. Charlie
3-Long Way To Go Home
4-High-Heeled Sneakers
5-Doin' That Rag
6-It's A Man's World
7-Broken Arrow
8-Samba In The Rain
9-Lazy River Road
11-Scarlet Begonias//

Disc 2
1-Promised Land
3-Cream Puff War
4-Mason's Children
5-Baba 'O Riley > Tomorrow Never Knows
6-WRS > Let It Grow
7-The Music Never Stopped
8-Helter Skelter