Vince Welnick Band
Recher Theater
Towson,Md Usa
Master Remix From Original Raw Files

This Is 16/48 Rather Then 16/44.1 But Is Usable On 99% Of Most Players

Coresound Mid-Range Binuaral Mics > Coresound Mic24/96 A/D Converter/Preamp > Core Sound Pdaudio Cf Interface Card > Ipaq 5150 Pda > Gidluck Pda2496 Recording Software > Sandisk 2Gb Cf Card (Recorded @ 24/48) > Dvd > Samplitude V8 (For Tracks, Reprocessing To 16/48, And Remixing) > Flac Frontend > Dime


Track List:

Cd One:
They Love Each Other
Golden Days
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Long Way To Go Home
Statesboro Blues
True Blue
Do One Thing
Scarlet Begonia

Cd Two:
All Along The Watchtower
So Many Roads
St Stephen
Watching The Wheels
Please Please Me>Not Fade Away
Samba In The Rain
Shakedown Street

This Was A Great Show, I Think I'm Enjoying It More Since Some Time Has Passed. If
It Sounds Like There Are Only 30 People In The Audience, That Would Be Correct, And Half Of These Were Recher Theatre Employees/Staff. Its Quite Sad That No One Was There. There Were A Few Other Musical Events And A Home Ravens Football Game That Sunday Night, But Where Were All The Deadheads?

Being A Tubes, Todd Rundgren, And A Dead Fan I Felt Honored To See And Record This Show. I Did Expect To Hear A Few Tubes And Rundgren Songs That He Had Co-Written. But It Seemed He Was Mostly In The Dead Mode, And Disregarded His Earlier Works For This Show