Vinnie Amico & Ronnie Davis
Buffalo, NY

**16 bit**

Source: DPA 4023>Sonosax SX-M2>Sound Devices 722 (24/96)
Config/Location: NOS/onstage/DFC 3ft stand
Transfer: 722>Firewire>Macbook>
Sound Studio 3.6(fades, normalize peak, track)>Wave Editor (iZotope Resampler/MBIT+ Dither)>
xACT 1.71(align on sector boundaries, encode, tag, fingerprint)>flac16
Taped & transferred by: Lenny Stubbe

Set I: (1:16:54)

01. intro
02. High Heeled Sneakers (Tommy Tucker)
03. Gotta Serve Somebody (Bob Dylan)
04. -Jimmy Smith Soul Jazz tune title unknown-
05. Beast of Burden (Rolling Stones)
06. -unknown jam>Miss You (Rolling Stones)
07. Ride Your Pony (The Meters)
08. -unknown instrumental-*
09. -unknown instrumental-*
10. Strut* (Taj Mahal)
11. -unknown Mel Torme instrumental-*
12. If You Want Me To Stay* (Eric Benet)
13. -unknown tune-*

Set II: (56:50)
01. Chest Fever (The Band)
02. I've Got a Women (Ray Charles)
03. Blues For J* (Jimmy Smith)
04. -unknown instrumental-*
05. Come Together* (The Beatles)
06. Walkin Blues* (Robert Johnson)
07. -unknown instrumental-*
08. -unknown instrumental-*

Vinnie Amico (moe.) on drums
Ronnie Davis (LeeRon Zydeco) on keyboards, organ & vocals

- * Featuring John Allen from The Outer Circle Orchestra on Saxophone and Electric Guitar.
- Fun intimate show with Vinnie and Ronnie set up at the bar area of Nietzsche's. Nice on stage stereo separation with Vinnie in the left channel, and Ronnie in the right.
- +1 db gain added to Set II in Sound Studio.

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