Vintage Trouble
Old Fruit Market
Glasgow, SCO

Location: Balcony GA, ROC, 40m from stage.
Source: Schoeps mk4 > Nbob Actives > TinyBox2.5 w/output transformers(+18db) >
DarkTrain Cable > Sony M10(Lin-in@+5) @ 24bit/48khz WAV > SD Card
Transfer: WAV > Adobe Audition (limit aud noise, BBE Sonic
Maximiser, Normalise to -1db, Fades, track markers, export to flac) >
Tagging, Embedded Art-Foobar Live Show Tagger > TLH (Checksum)

A Mayhem Inc. Recording.

01 Intro
02 Run Like The River
03 Nobody Told Me
04 Roller Coaster
05 Strike Your Light (Right On Me)
06 Another Man's Words
07 Highland Dance Party w/Bagpipes)
08 You Better Believe It>Soul Serenity>Angel City, CA>Jezzebella>Gracefully>You Better Believe It
09 Doin' What You Were Doin'
10 Blues Hand Me Down
11 Turn The Sky To Blue
12 EU Referendum Rap
13 Not Alright By Me
14 Pelvis Pusher
15 Nancy Lee (Audience Request)

Opening Act on this tour was Slydigs.