Maple Leaf
New Orleans, LA

*3am> Dawn!!!

B&K 4022s> Sonosax> AD2K> HHbPro

VINYL had to be one of the BEST boogie bands touring in 2001, insane horns, amazing drumz, fantastic strings, way-down bass, and get-way-down-town keys. Incredibly high energy, part latin, part reggae, part funk, sometimes all at the same time, this band has so much groove they could make the 'man with no arms and no legs' grow limbs and dance.

A week of dusk till dawn music, this was probably my favorite show at the 2001 post-JazzFest. VINYL is always a hot ticket, the Maple Leaf (way out in BFE) is one of those delapidated old bars weathered from so many years of amazing music and humidity it has a character that seems to drip from the walls.

Earlier that night we had been blown away by MIKE CLARKS FUNK SUMMIT and really had to rally the troops to make the trek out to the Maple Leaf. The show was supposed to get going at 1am but didnt actually start until right around 3am. How we made it I have no idea, all I can say is, the RedBull definitely helped (I cant drink it today as a result). This was a drunk and dazed boogie-fest, everyone seemed completely wasted out of their skulls. Chicks were dancing topless, some folks were completely in the buff, couples mauling on the dance floor, every drink I bought someone spilled on me, and the music rocked thru the dawn.

Great show, highly recommended...if you are looking for something fresh, if you are familiar enough with Vinyl that you are up for a rare taste, or if you were lucky enough to be there, pick this one up. I've never seen this show in circulation, the only copies I've made were for the band and my twisted friends who stumbled out with me.....ENJOY!!!!

Morse Code (w/ Red Hot Mama)
Swellions for Rufus
a jam I can't remember
Hip Hug Her
Haunted House
Sweet Tater Pie
Cold Duck Time

Funky Broadway
Night Ride
Sure Nuff
San Geronimo
Funk in 5-4
Sweet Payayta

Funkify your life

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