Voices Of Classic Rock
Maui, Hawaii

Fm Broadcast(Kkrw 93.7 Houston, Texas)

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Recorded By;"Ritchfan"

Uploaded By; "Lucifer Burns"


1. Introduction;Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes, Larry Hoppin & Jimi Jamison
2. Gimme Some Lovin'#
3. I'm Always Here+
4. Still The One$
5. Smoke On The Water#%
6. Introduction;Leslie West, Spencer Davis, Pat Travers & Dave Jenkins
7. Sea Of Fire&
8. Winning-
9. On The Dark Side*
10. Introduction;John Cafferty, Ronnie Hammond, Alex Ligertwood & Mike Reno
11. Street Of Dreams%
12. Battle Hymn Of The Republic#%*+$!-


#Glenn Hughes- Vocals/Acoustic Bass(Ex-Trapeze/Deep Purple/Black Sabbath/Etc...)
%Joe Lynn Turner- Vocals/Acoustic Guitar(Ex-Fandango/Rainbow/Yngwie Malmsteen/Deep Purple/Etc...)
^Pat Travers- Vocals/Acoustic Guitar(Pat Travers Band)
&Leslie West- Vocals/Guitar(Mountain)
*John Cafferty- Vocals(Beaver Brown Band)
+Jimi Jamison- Vocals(Survivor)
$Larry Hoppin- Vocals(Orleans)
@Spencer Davis- Vocals(Spencer Davis Group)
!Dave Jenkins(Pablo Cruise)
-Alex Ligertwood(Santana)
=Ronnie Hammond- Vocals(Atlantic Rythym Section)
~Mike Reno- Vocals(Loverboy)

"Rockline" Is A Nationally Syndicated Radio Interview Program Hosted By Bob Coburn That Broadcasts Live Via Satellite Every Monday And Wednesday Night From 8:30Pm-10Pm Pt To Radio Stations In The United States.
Founded In 1981, It Is Considered To Be The Longest Running, Uninterrupted Program In Rock History.
The Main Guests Interviewed On The Program Are Various Musical Artists Of The Rock Genre, Including Both Active Rock Artists (On Mondays) And Classic Rock Artists (On Wednesdays).
The Primary Feature Of The Program Is The Ability For Listeners To Call Live And Ask Questions To The Guests.
Several Of The Shows Are Also Live Performances~ Wikipedi

This Is In Front Of A "Live" Audience, Rather Then The Band Preforming Alone In The Studio.
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Please Enjoy The Music, While You Still Can!