Volcano Suns
live at TT the Bear's Place
Cambridge, Massachusetts
January 24, 1987
uncirculated audience tape

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Original notes:
Here's another recording by harwilmer, part of the on-going series of shows he recorded in and around Boston and which are being transferred and shared by a commitee of several seeders including phil183, stefan, Songmama, The Commish, carville, notsaved and any others I haven't mentioned.
Volcano Suns were founded in 1983 by Mission of Burma's drummer Peter Prescott - they released six albums with various lineups from 1985 to their demise in 1991, and have played occaisional shows since then following the re-formation of Mission of Burma.
It was recently announced that their long out-of-print first two albums will be re-issued in January 2009.
I suppose you could call the Volcano Suns a punk band, but they were musically much more complex and sophisticated than that, as was Husker Du for example.

But at THIS show they were loose as a goose (more than usual perhaps) and not at all taking themselves too seriously - this is the third and last of harwilmer's tapes with this line-up. (one more to go with a new lineup)

01 intro 0:26
02 unknown/Wonder of it All 6:12
03 multiple false starts on White Elephant 6:59
04 unknown 2:48
05 Suck You Dry 3:53
06 unknown 2:19
07 Drink Fight and Fuck 2:14
08 Lummox 4:18
09 unknown 2:39
10 Bumper Crop 4:07
11 tuning break and other stuff 2:17
12 Ride the Cog 4:37
13 Sea Cruise 3:22
14 Greasy Spine 5:10
total time: 51:29
Volcano Suns:
Peter Prescott: lead vocals and drums
Jeff Weigand: bass
Jon Williams: guitar

unreleased audience tape by harwilmer
transferred October 2008 by zootype

audience master tape>transferred in Soundforge, remixed for channel levelling and light re-eq>single WAV file created from side A and B WAVs>tracked in Audacity>FLAC-8 files and checksum files created in Trader's Little Helper

A Zootype/harwilmer project October 2008