Volcano Suns
live at TT the Bear's Place
Cambridge, Massachusetts
June 19, 1987
audience tape by harwilmer
2008 transfer by zootype

October 2014 reseed
FLAC files renamed but otherwise unaltered
Here's another recording by harwilmer, one of four Volcano Suns shows that harlwilmer recorded from December 1986 to June, 1987, part of the on-going series of shows he recorded in and around Boston and which were transferred and shared by a commitee of several seeders including phil183, stefan, Songmama, The Commish, carville, notsaved and any others I haven't mentioned.
This was the Sun's first show with their new lineup of Prescott, Weston and Hahn and they weren't as jovial as usual (they played as loose as usual though - the Suns live weren't the precision machine that Mission of Burma was/is)) but Peter began to relax a little toward the end of the show and did some of his usual joking around.
At this show they played some new songs but didn't give out the names, so the setlist is incomplete guesswork.
A poster for this show is included.

63:25 minutes


101 Time Off 5:37
102 - 2:19
103 - 3:05
104 tuning break 0:54
105 - 2:56
106 Wellness 3:13
107 - 3:49
108 - 3:42
109 Testify 6:35
110 tuning break 1:01
111 Neck of Rubber 3:12
112 Bumper Crop 4:18
tape flip (no music interrupted)
113 tuning break 0:33
114 Greasy Spine 4:26
115 - 3:44
116 - 2:18
117 encore break 0:56
118 Color My World 2:25
119 Jack of All Trades 2:12
120 encore break 1:39
121 It's Stew Time 4:19
total time: 63:25

Personnel for this show was:
Peter Prescott: vocals and drums
Chuck Hahn: guitar
Bob Weston: bass

(First show for this lineup, replacing Jon Williams, guitar and Jeff Weigand, bass; Williams and Weigland left the band in 1987 -
when, though, is not clear; Chuck Hahn and Bob Weston played
on the 1987 studio release "Bumper Crop" and the 1988 release "Farced"))
audience master tape>transferred and tracked in audio editor, channel levelling and light eq>WAVs>FLAC-8 files and checksum files created in Trader's Little Helper
October 2014 reseed:
FLAC files renamed but otherwise unaltered, new checksum files created and this info file revised.
A zootype/harwilmer project October 2008 and October 2014
101-Volcano Suns-TT the Bears-1987-06-19-Time Off.flac:6382e74e0f43c7775f88a1aaea66adfb
102-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac:daab50ed3bfaf82b6eca8e8351bfb37d
103-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac:375c134c110c6f4f6743475cd29409a1
104-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-tuning break.flac:7a44fb2765852a9b08b82e04b408a3d7
105-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac:af805328404f75a17c4fc043bae88f98
106-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Wellness.flac:6d5a7af241b06455d3b31bffc33764ea
107-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac:f7f93ed1454605980e890cab35c8bee6
108-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac:b0d33405d9568d26fd9401abdda33f22
109-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Testify.flac:e50c9da5d2302d7b9c8cd995e8e9f124
110-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-tuning break.flac:abd821aea65932974326aed005be55c7
111-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Neck of Rubber.flac:e41b3114d8bce5a7b8a558e3bf572384
112-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Bumper Crop.flac:6533aaf8c489e03ebf14ecdb943d6d64
113-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-tuning break.flac:638e2ffd8f88be25e93343010080f668
114-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Greasy Spine.flac:eca7e5f2a05db01d810c9b410c5db6da
115-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac:e8529ca215bcab41ca9666e2db07083a
116-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac:9f0c6921ed9137428b554c4a692108d2
117-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-encore break.flac:6ebc42c23f26aa9cc856881ddf1fac47
118-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Color My World.flac:629e4eea8eb46eac332531acaae03944
119-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Jack of All Trades.flac:960d69d7010b0f9ac5aa33d19647c6b8
120-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-encore break.flac:2b534ec89b1116dc4728018434ae75cf
121-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-It's Stew Time.flac:e24923cd3cbf87cb2954220089b80326
6382e74e0f43c7775f88a1aaea66adfb [shntool] 101-Volcano Suns-TT the Bears-1987-06-19-Time Off.flac
daab50ed3bfaf82b6eca8e8351bfb37d [shntool] 102-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac
375c134c110c6f4f6743475cd29409a1 [shntool] 103-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac
7a44fb2765852a9b08b82e04b408a3d7 [shntool] 104-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-tuning break.flac
af805328404f75a17c4fc043bae88f98 [shntool] 105-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac
6d5a7af241b06455d3b31bffc33764ea [shntool] 106-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Wellness.flac
f7f93ed1454605980e890cab35c8bee6 [shntool] 107-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac
b0d33405d9568d26fd9401abdda33f22 [shntool] 108-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac
e50c9da5d2302d7b9c8cd995e8e9f124 [shntool] 109-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Testify.flac
abd821aea65932974326aed005be55c7 [shntool] 110-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-tuning break.flac
e41b3114d8bce5a7b8a558e3bf572384 [shntool] 111-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Neck of Rubber.flac
6533aaf8c489e03ebf14ecdb943d6d64 [shntool] 112-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Bumper Crop.flac
638e2ffd8f88be25e93343010080f668 [shntool] 113-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-tuning break.flac
eca7e5f2a05db01d810c9b410c5db6da [shntool] 114-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Greasy Spine.flac
e8529ca215bcab41ca9666e2db07083a [shntool] 115-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac
9f0c6921ed9137428b554c4a692108d2 [shntool] 116-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-.flac
6ebc42c23f26aa9cc856881ddf1fac47 [shntool] 117-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-encore break.flac
629e4eea8eb46eac332531acaae03944 [shntool] 118-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Color My World.flac
960d69d7010b0f9ac5aa33d19647c6b8 [shntool] 119-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-Jack of All Trades.flac
2b534ec89b1116dc4728018434ae75cf [shntool] 120-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-encore break.flac
e24923cd3cbf87cb2954220089b80326 [shntool] 121-Volcano Suns-1987-06-19-It's Stew Time.flac

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