The Wagoneers
2017-04-09 (partial)
C-Boy's Heart and Soul, Austin, Texas

Edirol R09-HR in shirt pocket. Bass rolloff @ 200Hz. Really nice capture.

Videos: Sit a Little Closer
All Fired Up

Band lineup:
Monte Warden - Lead vocals, guitar
Brent Wilson - Lead guitar, vocals
Billy Brad Fordham - Bass
Massimo Palermo - Drums

01 I Confess
02 I Wanna Know Her Again
03 It Hurts Too Much
04 Tell Me Something I Don't Know
05 Desperately
06 Stout and High
07 Sit a Little Closer
08 Lie and Say You Love Me
09 Thank You, Miss Audrey, for Breaking Hank's Heart
10 That Ain't My Daddy's Country Music
11 All Fired Up
12 Lone Star Lullaby ("world debut")
13 Where My Heart Used to Be
14 Take Me There
15 Sweet Relief (partial, fades out)

Great set from the foursome, some new material (including
a debut) and classics alike, including them covering George
Strait's cover of Monte's "Desperately." I videoed two songs
on my cell phone, and got surprisingly good results, which
are at the YouTube links provided. (These are my first YT
uploads and I can't figure out how to get HD as a default.
If anyone can point me to that, I'll get it done. In the
meantime, make sure you switch to HD.)

Two issues that are unrelated-ish: This is only the second
time my Edirol's batteries died during a recording, so I
fade out the music after the solo break of "Sweet Relief."
(That said, the recording is much cleaner than that Omar &
the Howlers show I had to warn people away from.) But anyway,
that spares us the frustration of the group of four at the
booth to my right, who each paid $10 a head to holler their
conversation over the band. They start getting noticeable
about the 12th song, but by the end of this recording, they're
just obliviously, obnoxiously rude. The place has a decent
side patio and a huge back patio. Grrrr. We've all been there.

Both the Wagoneers and Monte's other band, Monte Warden & the
Dangerous Few, are recording, so watch for those releases and
hopefully for some tours. If you're in ATX, stop by C-Boy's
on Sunday evenings for the Wags and the Continental Gallery on
Thursdays for the Dangerous Few. You can see my video of them

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