The Wailers
BBC Sessions 1973
London, England

Source: Pre-FM Reel > Cx > DAT > CD > EAC > CDWav > FFE > FLAC
Length: 23:59 min
Size: 130 MiB FLAC

June ??, 1973
[1] Concrete Jungle
[2] Rastaman Chant
[3] Slave Driver

November ??, 1973
[4] Intro
[5] Kinky Reggae
[6] Can't Blame The Youth
[7] Get Up Stand Up

In praise and to the glory of the Rastafari, InI bring one love and Inity
to the massive with this gem from the original Wailers. All of your favorite
artists are together on three rare tracks from June of 1973. In perfect harmony are Bob, Bunny, and Peter, backed by the solid rhythms of Carlton and Family Man. Studio quality with a little hiss for historical accuracy, this is as special as any material traded among his fans. Then comes the second of the two sessions, this one from November 1973 without Bunny. The Peter Tosh material, though, is still great. With an open heart, you too can share some of this joy.

Kinky reggae has a couple of ticks, as does Can't Blame The Youth
at 25s, 32s, and 35s.

This is the first in a line of DAT seeds, Jah willing, from a great friend
of music named Joey Newlander, aka cosmofone. His collection is so blessed,
as are we to share in his generosity. To him, respect Itinually. He converts
DAT > CD, which come in the mail and are extracted on a Plextor 712A, using EAC
in High/Secure, Test and Copy mode, with proper read offsets and the like. All
the details are in the logs. Conversion, tracking, text & seed to EZT in Nov. 2004 by nibbles, just a regular guy who wanted to share what makes him happy.