The Wailers Band With The I-Threes

Jamaica World Music Festival

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Nov. 25th, 1982

Nice Soundboard Recording

The Wailers do some nice songs I only have on this recording. I especially like
the slow one drop on Well Pleased.

Another Classic From The Dubwise Garage Colleciton


Recording source: SDB

Transfer source: my cassette (Azimuth adjustment) to pc from Sony Stereo Deck TC-WE475
through SB X-Fi Audio 2400 sound card

Transfer: Sony Stereo Deck TC-WE475 Azimuth adjustment>(>PCM 96,000 kHz, 24 Bit, Stereo)>
CDWav(splits file) >41,000 kHz, 16 Bit WAV >Flac Level 8



Marching Through Creation
Well Pleased
Preacher Man
My Friend
Rastaman Vibration
Them Bellyfull
Redemption Song