the wailers
never ending wailers
demos tape 1 & 2

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track's : 23

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track listing:
01together again
02am still wailing
03nice time
05dutch pot
06music lesson
07rumors of war
08how many times
09it hurst to be alone
10together again
11music lesson
12nice time
13how many times
14coolie plum tree
15am still wailing
16dutch pot
17coolie plum tree
18coolie plum tree
19coolie plum tree
20coolie plum tree
21coolie plum tree
22coolie plum tree
23coolie plum tree
dont convert to lossy !
many thanks to gof for
these, gem's.
seeded to marley & tosh
torrents by son of thunder
a.k.a sean :01/14th/2008
the never ending wailers
album credits
Robert Lyn Keyboards
Peter Tosh Vocals,
Johnny "Dizzy" Moore Horn
Robbie Shakespeare Bass
Steven Stanley Engineer
Keith Sterling Keyboards
Uziah "Sticky" Thompson Percussion
The Wailers Main Performer
Constantine Walker Guitar, , Vocals
Roger Steffens Liner Notes
David Hamilton Engineer
Dave Hamilton Engineer
Barrington Bailey Horn
Derrick Barnett Bass
Junior Braithwaite Vocals,
Winston (Santa) Davis Drums
Sly Dunbar Drums
Bobby Elis Horn
Solgie Hamilton Engineer
Harry T. Powell Percussion
Bunny Wailer Percussion, Producer,Arranger, Vocals, Director
Bob Marley Vocals,
Andrew Tosh Vocals,

enjoy !