The Wailers Feturing Astion Barret And junior Murvin Recorded during 2004 (Unknown Date ) Rebroadcast Rte Radio one ,
John Creadion show past live sessions special Monday 2 august 2010.

Recived Direct from air with an analog reciver.

01 dj intro to prerecorded segment.
02 interview with junior murvin.
03 No woman No cry (With fulll band).

Recived on a panasonic rx-dt 401 port unit to type twp tape transfer via ear out to mic in nveidia soundcard to wav 1.1,
split wavs 1.1 Tlh flac leval 8.

Comments part of a special afternoon show feturing some live events from the past ,guess some will want to have this short
but very nice music slot guess they played more than one song .