The Wailers
March 22, 2014
The Independent
San Francisco, CA

DPA 461s-battery box-sony pcm-m10
Transfer m10-usb-audacity-cdwav editor-flac

Hat mounted mics dead center

Awsome show, the 2nd of a 2 night run. I have never seen so much pot smoke at a show ever, (but thats not a bad thing)

I think this is the correct line-up for this tour, (but feel free to correct me)

Aston "Family Man" Barrett
Keith Sterling
Drummie Zeb
Audley Chisholm
Cegee Victory
Koolant Brown
Wade Barret
Akwashyeboe Akwahd

Sound is pretty good, I had to eq the bass down a bit, unfotunatly it being a sold out show, I picked up low
level crowd chatter, and got stuck in front of the really drunk girl, but she went away after a bit.

As always dont sell share freely

"Its only a memory unless someone records it!"