Wailing Souls


French's Camp, Piercy, CA

Reggae On The River


Really great recording from the classic US reggae festival. I think the Wailing Souls
were still 3 vocalists at this time.

Another Classic From The Dubwise Garage Collection


Tech. Info.

Recording source: Audience Gen. 1

Transfer source: my cassette (Azimuth adjustment) to pc from Sony Stereo Deck TC-WE475
through SB X-Fi Audio 2400 sound card

Transfer: Sony Stereo Deck TC-WE475 Azimuth adjustment>(>PCM 96,000 kHz, 24 Bit, Stereo)>
CDWav(splits file) >41,000 kHz, 16 Bit WAV >Flac Level 8



Dub > Jah Give Us Life
The World Waits
Get Real
All Over The World
She Pleases Me
It's Love Indeed
Picky Picky Head
Old Broom
Do You Feel It
Things And Time
Ishen Tree
Shark Attack
Fire House Rock