The Waitresses
1982 03 02 The Bottom Line NYC, early show
WNEW-FM live broadcast

FM> AKAI 8Track Cartridge recorder> VHS HiFi> WAV (Wavelab)> FLAC

The Waitresses:
Patty Donahue: vocals
Chris Butler: guitar
Mars Williams: saxes
Tracy Wormworth: bass
Billy Ficca: drums
Dan Hofstra: keyboards

dj talk / intro
No Guilt
Jimmy Tomorrow
I Could Rule The World If I Could Only Get The Parts
Pussy Strut
Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful
A Girls Gotta Do
Go On
I Know What Boys Like
band introductions
It's My Car
Heat Night
Christmas Wrapping
Wise Up
dj talk / credits

I think this a great show - a much better performance than
the Feb '82 show that was released by King Biscuit on CD.

Despite the lineage of the recording the sound quality, in my opinion,
is VG+.

At some point in the early '90's I sensed that I had been enjoying
this tape a little bit too much so I made a safety copy of the
original cart to VHS HiFi. It's a good thing I did, as the 8track
machine ate the original tape right after I finished the transfer!

Some editing was done - the removal of occaisional FM radio pops,
and the removal of one radio station ID. There were two program
change gaps that occurred during the original recording.
One, occuring during a stage announcement, could not be patched.
The second one, occurring during a song, was patched by cloning
an adjacent repeated line in the song and dropping it into the gap.

No EQ has been applied.

All FLACS fully tagged.