Prospect Park, Brooklyn

01 I Could Rule The World (If I Could Only Get The Parts)
02 No Guilt
03 Luxury
04 Go Make The Weather
05 Jimmy Tomorrow
06 Charmed, I'm Sure
07 Night After Night
08 Life's Greatest Hits
09 Video Ward
10 I Know What Boys Like
11 A Girl's Gotta Do It
12 I Can't Bear It
13 Bruiseology
14 Christmas Wrapping

RUNTIME: 56:59

SOURCE: Audience master cassette (Radio Shack mics > Yamaha TC-800GL, on a 90min XLII tape) > BBE 462 >
WAV (@44.1khz, 16 bit) > TLH > FLAC (6)

TAPER: S.Simpson

COMMENTS (From S.Simpson):
The Waitresses were my favorite band at the time and I don�ft believe �gWasn�ft Tomorrow Wonderful�h has
yet been toppled from my top album of the decade.

So the Waitresses were doing a show at the band shell all the way out in Carrajoland (Prospect Park,
Brooklyn). I had just bought that summer from a pawn shop a Yamaha TC-800GL tape deck that could run on
8 C cell batteries. Thing weighed a ton, but this was before I had heard of a D6, not sure when they
came out. So it�fs off to film school to borrow some good mics and the equipment room is closed. What
to do? What to do? Made it to RadioShack just as they were closing ? I lifted up the store grating
and barged in and bought two crappy $20 mics. Then it�fs 30 lbs of equipment down to Brooklyn.

Recording was god awful. There it sat in my collection of masters, probably only listened once or
twice. But 30 years later, with my BBE 462, I�fm ready to give it a try. Turns out it just had no
bass. All upper, Billy cymbals are fine. Patty�fs fine. Keyboards are fine. So runs fast, but that�fs
the way the band played. Patty�fs voice is pitch perfect. So without any phase shifting at all on the
BBE, all I did was boost the lo conture a lot. A LOT. From 5 (no adjustment) to 7.5. And there�fs Tracy!!
Missing Tracy for 30 years but there she is.

So this is off an XLII 90 master played maybe once or twice, recorded on a Yamaha deck but with the
shittiest of mics. This may well have been their last show. I know after that it was Holly�fs short
turn. What�fs cool is that there are a number of songs that Chris wrote to appear on their third album
that never happened. Five in fact that probably never made it into the studio.