Wake the Dead
KFPA 94.1 FM Berkeley, Ca.
November 14, 2001


Jam>Scarlet Begonias
Jam>The Other One
The Wheel
Jam>Playing in the Band
Jam>Friend of the Devil

(Please note, I don't know the names of the traditional reels/jigs they use as intros, so I just wrote "jam")

This is a 56 minute performance of this Bay Area band playing standard Irish tunes which morph into fine renditions of GD classics. It's obvious they share a love for both musics, and I first heard them via the GD Merchandizing recording last year (which can be purchased if you like, please).

Realizing I've seen several Irish/Scottish bands play at Merlefests past, and that some of us dig this sound and the blend of it all, I hope you enjoy this interesting gem provided via David Gans.

uploaded by theotherwayne@yahoo.com