the walkabouts
Seattle (WA)
Crocodile Cafe

aud master recording by miro jogum

the only show played in 1998
all songs never played live before
first show with Fred Chalenor


01 desert skies
02 straight to the stars
03 crime story
04 drown
05 till i reach you
06 gold
07 hightimes
08 call me back again
09 bonnie and clyde
10 last tears

all thanks to miro and h2h

nowadays H2H uploads shows to his walkabouts archive site here
what you get there are wav files and rudimentary tagged track-files and cover art work

a hanwaker upload to dime 2020-11

Images for all shows as well as full size images for this show.

Images for this show:

Walkabouts1998-12-12CrocodileCafeSeattleWA (1).jpg
Walkabouts1998-12-12CrocodileCafeSeattleWA (2).jpg