geislingen (germany)

1st gig - 2012 europe tour -
(the band arrived at frankfurt airport the very morning straight from seattle)
1st gig after a 6 years spell in europe
chris cacavas (solo) opened

taped with permission by the band and their management

-thank you joe - (promotor) and thanks to the tour-soundguy: jan
special thanks to h2h-peter, and guni
very special thanks to chris cacavas

recorded by hanwaker
sbd-aud matrix

source 1: sbd out--> edirol 04
source 2: dpa 4061 mounted@upper balcony front of board--> edirol 04

time adjusted 1,2/100 sec and mixed in audacity (63% sbd VS. 37% aud)

tt 111:20 mins

01 Every River Will Burn
02 The Dustlands
03 Rebecca Wild
04 They Are Not Like Us
05 Follow Me An Angel
06 Thin of the Air
07 Lazarus Heart
08 Long Drive in a Slow Machine
09 The Light Will Stay On
10 Acetylene
11 -banter-
12 My Diviner
13 Prayer For You
14 Jack Candy
15 The Stopping-Off Place
16 Encore-noise 1
17 Horizon Fade
18 Grand Theft Auto*
19 Encore-noise 2
20 -banter-
21 Slow Red Dawn

*(does this include a verse from Springsteen's "Racing in the Streets" ? )

- split for cd burning after track 8-

a hanwaker recording ,mix and upload to dime 2012-01-14