the walkabouts
july 8th 2012
leinfelden (germany)

private gig ( invitation only)
final tour rehearsal

taped with permission by the band
thanks to HtH and his family and friends

recorded by HtH
2 x Rode NT-2A + 2 x line-in from sbd
recorded with edirol 04

transfer and mastering by HtH

received wav cdr-->EAC--wav-->hanwaker re-mastering and editing--> flac(8)

TT 94:32

cd 01 tt 44:28

01 intro
02 rainmaker blues
03 nightdrive
04 bordertown
05 my deviner
06 long drive in a slow machine
07 acetelyne

cd 02 tt 50:05

01 findlay's motel
02 dustlands
03 the light will stay on
04 rebecca wild
05 horizon fade
06 grand theft auto
07 they are not like us

artwork provided by HTH

a HtH recording and mastering final edit by hanwaker
an upload to dime by hanwaker 2012-07

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