Wall of Voodoo

ANA(x)->wav(SF 6.0, 24/48)->flac

1978 demos

01. Take Me To Your Leader
02. Do the Doink
03. Wargasm
04. Test Tube Baby
05. Invisible Man
06. unknown

1979 demos

01. Take Me To Your Leader
02. The Passenger
03. Do Anything You Want
04. Invisible Man
05. Ring of Fire

-notes: I received this tape back in 1997 or 1998, and it sounds like it's been around the block. If you have a better version, please seed it! On the 1979 demos, tracks 2, 3 & 5 have single channel output that alternates between the right and left channel. This is how I received this tape. I later received a second copy and these tracks had output in both channels, but the sound quality was worse. I'm guessing someone in the lineage just doubled up the channels rather than having a different mix.

If you have any other Wall of Voodoo, please share.

This is a raw transfer with only azimuth adjustment, no EQ'ing or normalization.
Transferred & seeded by i86time @ DaD Feb 2008