Wall of Voodoo
15 November 1982
El Mocambo
Toronto, CAN

BBC College Concert LP

T: unk turntable / Nakamichi Dragon (0dB out)->SB Audigy 2 Platinum Pro ZS (0dB rec gain)

00. Promo Ids
01. Call Box
02. Animal Day
03. Lost Weekend
04. Call of the West
05. Factory
06. On Interstate 15
07. Can't Make Love
08. Promo ID 2
09. Tomorrow
10. The Passenger
11. Longarm
12. Ring of Fire
13. Mexican Radio
14. Back in Flesh

Notes: Many thanks again to Phil G for providing the tape of this show. My previous copy sounded horrendous and this pre-FM source is quite the upgrade. lowgear seeded a great copy of this show from the 'Dance of Death' boot, but it clearly had some noise reduction applied. For those purists out there, I offer up this copy. Also this one has those fantastic promo ID's... thanks Pete Larkin.

As usual, many thanks go to the tapers/seeders of all previous WoV torrents. If you have anything, please do share. And if anyone out there happens to have the extra "crazy" tracks that were recorded for 'Call of the West' ('Fun Zone,' et al.) but never used (sans the cassette only 'Exercise'), you'd be my hero if you could get those out. Also if you have any masters or known gen WoV and don't have the time/ability to transfer, please contact me.

If you have any other Wall of Voodoo, please share.

Graciously received from Phil G. Transferred and seeded @ DaD by i86time October 2008.