The Wallflowers
“Before The Flood”
Dallas, TX
October 29, 1996

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Bonus: E! TV show>VCR Tape>CDR>EAC>FLAC

1. One Headlight
2. Three Marlenas
3. Ashes To Ashes
4. Angel On My Bike
5. Sugarfoot
6. Skinny Lips
7. Bleeders
8. 6th Ave. Heartache
9. Sidewalk Annie
10. Laughing Out Loud
11. God Don’t Make Lonely Girls
12. Shy Of The Moon
13. Josephine
14. The Difference
15. Tears Of A Clown
16. Howard Stern Interview-early January 1997-

I titled this as obviously a tip of the hat to dad, but also to the fact that this is recorded just before you couldn’t get away from the band. The proof is in the reaction to “One Headlight.” There is no reaction. Soon you couldn’t turn on a piece of electronic equipment without hearing that song. I also remember people in the audience saying, “there's his son,” as Jakob walked on stage, and you could tell many were there to see Son Of Bob. Really nice recording, and the first circulation of any kind.-at least that I recall- The interview w/Howard Stern is from the first time Jakob was on the show. I believe it is the first interview that Jakob spoke directly about his father. The Rolling Stone interview followed this by a few months. Enjoy.

****The concert is a continuous recording over 80 minutes in length. To split for 2 discs, put tracks 15 & 16 on a separate disc. That way you have the main set on one disc and the encore/bonus on disc 2.****