The Wallflowers
March 29, 1997
The Fabulous Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco, California

Bringing Down The Horse tour Band:

Jakob Dylan (vocals and guitar)
Rami Jaffee (keyboards and vocals)
Michael Ward (guitar)
Mario Calire (drums and percussion)
Greg Richling (bass guitar and vocals)

01 One Headlight
02 Angel On My Bike
03 Ashes To Ashes
04 Three Marlenas
05 Bleeders
06 Sugarfoot
07 Bringing Down The Horse
08 You're So Vain
09 Josephine
10 God Don't Make Lonely Girls
11 Laughing Out Loud
12 Raspberry Beret (prince)
13 The Difference
14 Brand New Cadillac (encore)

Total Time 77min 39secs

Recording info:
SDBD DAT master -> duplicated in Tascam dual-well DA302
Transfer info:
Tascam DA302->COAX->Sound Blaster Audigy->Sound Forge 8->Flac Front End level 8->you

The show has been freshly transfered at 24/48 and then resampled to 16/44.1 for CD burning using SoundForge 8.

This is another one of the SDBDs that I received from my old buddy at The Edge. A very nice tape however there are a few breaks and chops where it sounds like he had to turn the deck off briefly to avoid the band's sound tech from catching him making a personal copy of the show.
Listen to the harmonizing vocals on One Headlight, very reminiscent of Linda McCartney when they isolated her vocals on Hey Jude at a Knebworth performance, laughably painful.
I am not a fan of theirs, just grabbed the tape because I recognized who they were at the time, so if I mislabled a song, please forgive.

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