The Wallflowers
Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Atlanta, GA USA
July 10, 2009

Excellent sounding audience recording with just a little bit of crowd chatter.
Recorded with Edirol R-09 with Church Cartoid Mics with STC-9000 Preamp.
Tracks edited using CDWave.

Great venue that I first visited last year (John Hiatt) that is worthy of an
annual road trip from Nashville.

01 intro
02 Sleepwalker
03 Feels Like Summer Again
04 How Good It Can Get
05 6th Avenue Heartache
06 Here He Comes
07 Some Flowers Bloom Dead
08 Letters from the Wasteland
09 Closer to You
10 God Says Nothing Back
11 Josephine
12 Invisible City
13 Empire of My Mind
14 The Beautiful Side of Somewhere
15 God Don't Make Lonely Girls
16 One Headlight
17 Shy of the Moon
18 Three Marlenas
19 Nearly Beloved
20 Everything I Need