The Wallflowers
July 30, 2009
Newport Music Hall
Columbus, Oh.

Source: Core Sound Binaural mics (Bass Filter On) > Sony D8
(@12 heads from stage, center)
Transfer: DAT > Sony Standalone CD Burner > dbpoweramp (FLAC-level 8) > Trader's Little Helper (FFP) > Torrent

(Disc One) (56:59)
01. Intro
02. Back To California
03. ??
04. How Good It Can Get
05. Feels Like Summer Again
06. 6TH Avenue Heartache
07. Here He Comes
08. Letters From The Wasteland
09. Closer To You
10. Invisible City
11. Josephine

(Disc Two) (59:20)
01. How Far You've Come
02. Hand Me Down
03. Empire In My Mind
04. God Don't Make Lonely Girls
05. One Headlight
06. Shy Of The Moon
07. Three Marlenas
08. Everything I Need
09. Crowd
10. Angel On My Bike
11. The Difference

Jakob Dylan - Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Greg Richling - Bass Guitar
Fred Eltringham - Drums
Stuart Mathis - Lead & Slide Guitar, B. Vocals
Bill Appleberry - Keyboards
+ 2 fans on vocals on Three Marlenas

I didn't like the vocal mix in the house
P.A.-it was a bit buried. My first show
with this band as a long time fan. Fun,
spirited show. Eerie how Jakob looks like
his dad circa "Desire". Glad he continues.