Friday, June 14, 2013
The Ampitheater at
Farmingville, NY

Taped from front row against the rails, about 15' in front of Jakob/Stuart.

SP-CMC-8's -> SP-10 batt box -> edirol R09-HR -> PC -> Audacity for track splits -> dbPowerAmp to FLAC level 8 (and 16/44.1 if 16/44.1 version) -> Uploaded

00. PA (Deleted)
01. PA / Don't Do It (The Band)
02. Three Marlenas
03. Everything I Need
04. The Letter (Joe Cocker)
05. Sixth Avenue Heartache
06. Closer To You
07. Sleepwalker
08. One Headlight
09. The Difference


Same source data as main set above except +9dB boost in audacity when tracks were split

S01- Jakob Testing Mic (Cuts In)
S02- Jakob Testing Mic (Cuts In) / Drums / Keyboard
S03- Music Pumped Through System (Keyboards?) / Guitar / Stuart's Vocals
S04- Guitar
S05- Don't Do It (Adjustments Made)
S06- Guitar / PA / Meet & Greet Chatter
S07- Meet & Greet Chatter / Sleepwalker (Fades Out As Meet & Greet Starts) / End Of Soundcheck

Background chatter over S-02 foward, little more over S-05. I was part of the meet & greet, so as I moved away, the last file of the soundcheck fades off, and the meet & greet area is predominant.