Walter Trout
Tacoma, WA
March 26th 2006

SBD/AUD 16bit audio

Recorded by: fubb
Lineage: SBD>sony MD>HD
Cardiod power Mics>JB3>HD
mixed and multitracked via Pro Tools>cues via CDwave>flac(TLH)

OK....this recording has not been shared via BT, a few folks might have it and you know who you are, and as
always thanks, since my WT collection is what it is because of you. BUT this is a re-mastered (i hate that word),
or let's say i dug out my master recordings and re did the whole thing, because i was not too happy with the
original, i have better hearing today than 4 years ago (don't ask!) and better knowledge and software.

about the show and recording.....both soures were a low key/undercover operation, walter was in a good mood, this was
the 2nd of a two night stint at jazzbones, and a decent crowd for a early night sunday show. Its a good recording, sbd
levels were a little off at times, but a good audience recording helped offset that. First two tracks seem a little flat,
but that's due to FOH making adjustmets, as walter rarely does a complete soundcheck, just a line check before the show, (in
my observations in the past).

As always, this is shared for the fans of blues and walter, please support the artist by seeing him live and buying
his official stuff, please don't gain from my efforts..thnks

Disc one:
1. Intro
2. Dust My Broom
3. Reason I'm Gone
4. Livin' Everyday
5. Finally Gotten Over You
6. I'm Long Gone ***Sammy Avila-vocals
7. Helpin' Hand
8. Gotta Leave This Town
9. Blues Jam outro for 1st set
10. Set Two Intro
11. Love So Deep

Disc Two:
1. Walkin' In The Rain
2. She Takes More Than She Gives
3. Kill The Monkey
4. Work No More
5. She's A No Good Woman ***Sammy on Vocals
6. Serve Me Right To Suffer
7. Goin' Down