Walter Trout & The Radicals



Lineage:SP CMC-2 stereo mics->Battery Box->Edirol R1->Cool Edit Pro 2.0(boosting,editing,channel evening,tracksplitting)->TLH(aligned SE -Flac level 8)


Total running time: 131:05

1.Dust My Broom
3.Life In The Jungle
4.You Gotta Leave This Town
5.Helpin' Hand
6.I Can't Help Falling Apart
7.I'm Long Gone
8.Working Overtime
9.She Takes More Than She Gives
10.Mercy(Andrew Elt - vocals)
13.Drum Solo
14.Band Introduction
15.Encore Break
16.Going Down
17.Bar Jam

If someone can help with the song missing titles, help would be very much welcomed.

The Band:
Walter Trout(guitars,Vocals)
Sammy Avila(keyboards,Vocals)
Joey Pafumi(drums)
Rick Knapp(bass)
Andew Elt(Vocals)

Mastering notes:
Not much work done here. Recieved this as 44.1khz recording from Tommymc,and only removed some intro music before WT came on stage.
Otherwise amplified the full show Left channel 6,17dB and Right channel 7,85db,and then split it into tracks.

Thanks to Tommymc for this nice recording,and yet again giving me the oppurtunity to work on his master recordings.

As usual keep the recordings circulating in the best possible format,and please listen to the samples before downloading.

No artwork included.

uploaded on Dime july 2008 by Rideinthel