Walter Trout/////Bellingham, WA////April 25th 2008

Walter Trout & The Radicles
Wild Buffalo
Bellingham, WA
April 25th 2008

Audience Recording

Taper: fubb
Lineage: Church Audio STC-11 Cardiods>Church Audio 9000 Pre Amp>JB3(48000)>HD(firewire)>Adobe Audition>CDwave(cues)
Some slight EQ used, Some slight hiss removal on Disc one (low gain, first set)
some noise can be heard from my JB3 hard drive, but i'm just warning the finicky audiophiles.....

Taped Aprox 10ft from stage, both set's. First set slight right of stage, Second set slight right of stage.

Notes: Nice show, good recording, just wish they had pumped a bit more through the PA, other than the vocals, Walter seems to
not have his amp as loud as it used to be, perhaps loss of hearing over the years. The sound at the beginnging of the show was not it's best
it took awhile for his soundman to dial it in. This show features WT's new drummer, and a new tune from his forthcoming album (The Outsider)
due out May/June.

****Bonus tracks taped by me from Marine Hall, Fleetwood, Uk, October 30th 2006 which are SBD/AUD Matrix

~~~~~~~~support the artist, go and see them, but official merchandise, share freely...but don't sell.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Walter Trout - Guitar, L.Vocals
Rick Knapp - Bass
Michael Leasure - Drums
Sammy Avila - keyboards, Vocals

Disc One:
1. Dust My Broom
2. Reason I'm Gone
3. Give Me Back My Wig
4. Work No More
5. Helpin' Hand
6. She's A No Good Woman (Sammy Avila on Vocals)
7. Not Fade Away
8. The outsider
9. Blues outro jam

Disc Two:
1. Broken Heart
2. Life In The Jungle
3. Walkin' In The Rain
4. Baby, show Me A love Sign (Sammy Avila on Vocals)
5. Workin' Overtime
6. Say What you Mean
7. Kill the monkey
8. Marie's Mood

Disc Three:
1. Catfish Blues
2. Going Down
3. I'm Long Gone (Sammy Avila on Vocals)****Bonus Track
4. She Takes More Than She Gives****Bonus Track
5. Hey Joe****Bonus Track
6. Hound Dog****Bonus Track