Walter Trout
Tacoma, WA
April 26th 2008

Lineage: SP C4's>Edirol R4 (24bit/44.1 Oade Bros. Concert Mod ch 3&4)>HD dither to 16bit cues split via Goldwave

Recorded from an unknown location......never for sale, don't spoil the the artist, buy the official stuff.
New album out May/

Disc One:
1. Intro
2. Dust My Broom
3. Reason I'm Gone
4. Give Me Back My Wig
5. Helpin' Hand
6. She's A No Good Woman (Sammy Avila on Vocals)
7. Workin' Overtime
8. Kill the monkey
9. Not Fade Away
10. Blues outro jam

Disc Two:
1. Broken Heart
2. Ride Till I'm Satisfied
3. Say Goodbye To The Blues
4. Life In The Jungle
6. Lookin' For The Promise Land
6. Tribute Muddy Waters