Walter Trout
Tacoma, WA
July 3rd 2010

16bit audio
recorded by fubb
Lineage:SBD>R-09>HD>Pro Tools

Good to see had been awhile! A decent show, coulda been better if the crowd had been not so laid back. Walter played
some new stuff from his new Album, had Mike, his son play drums on one tune and Sammy's son, Danny played guitar and back up
vocals on a few tunes.

The guitar is low in the mix, but improves into the second track...decent the band, Walter's new CD "Common Ground"
is it, and see his shows!

Disc One:
1. Intro
2. Help Me
3. Rock Me Baby
4. If You Just Try
5. May Be a Fool
6. Open Book
7. Her Other Man
8. Loaded Gun

Disc Two:
1. Song For My Guitar
2. No Good Woman
3. Common Ground
4. Catfish Blues
5. Goin' Down