Belle Vally Hose Company
Benefit for Erie Injured Bikers
April 3 2011
Master audience recording KILLER SHOW
Artwork included
sample mp3

lineage: Master recording ZOOM H2 WAV > computer hardrive >Nero Express 6 >flac level 8 tlh > checksum tlh > torrent tlh > you
recorded from left side front of stack 10 feet from stage

All the females from Buffalo wore Leopard Skin pill box hats to the show. Walter got a kick out of that there must have been 20 wearing them.


Disc One:

01. Goin Down
02. Blues Jam
03. Doin Me Wrong
04. Ride Till Im Satisfied
05. I'm Living In The Danger Zone / drum solo

Yotal: 41:41

Disc Two:

01. Broken Heart
02. Common Ground
03. Shes A No Good Woman
04. Doin Just Fine "Bob Dylan cover song" for Buffalo fans who wrote the lyrics all down for Walter.
05. Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat for the fans from Buffalo (little dittie off the cuff)
06. We Aint Workin No More
07. Sammy Aleio's son Danny jammin with Walter "great young guitar player"
Sammy is the keyboard player for Walter. fade out

Total 50:25