Walter Trout
Fonteyn Ballroom
Dunelm House
Durham City
Saturday 25th June 2011

Event - 1st Durham Blues Festival

Audience recording
Taper - Soreballs

Edirol R-09HR(low cut 200Hz)>Adobe Audition 3/GoldWave>TLH_8

Disk 1
01. intro
02. Help Me
03. Hey Baby, You Don't Have To Go
04. Life In The Jungle
05. Reason I'm Gone
06. Common Ground

Disk 2
01. Her Other Man
02. intro to Mitch Laddie
03. Walter & Mitch jam*
04. banter
05. Catfish Blues
06. band intros/audience
07. Goin' Down

Walter Trout - guitar & lead vocals
Sammy Avila - keyboards & vocals
Rick Knapp - bass
Michael Leasure - drums
Andrew Elt - additional vocals & acoustic guitar
Mitch Laddie - guitar*

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