Walter Trout
The Arc
Tuesday 17th November 2015

Stephen Dale Petit was the opening act.

Audience recording
Taper - Soreballs

SP-CMC-2>Sony PCM-M10>Adobe Audition 3/GoldWave>TLH_8

Recording length: 111mins 30secs
Decompressed: 1125.44MB

01. Intro
02. Help Me
03. I'm Back
04. Say Goodbye To The Blues
05. Ride 'Till I'm Satisfied
06. Almost Gone+
07. Omaha
08. Playin' Hideaway*
09. Haunted By The Night
10. Fly Away*
11. I Can Tell*
12. Finally Gotten Over You
13. Serve Me Right To Suffer (inc drum solo)
14. audience
15. Going Down

Walter Trout - guitar & lead vocals
Sammy Avila - keyboards & bkg vocals
Johnny Griparic - bass
Michael Leasure - drums & bkg vocals+
Jon Trout - guitar* & vocals
Andrew Elt - additional vocals^

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