Walter Trout

Bochum, Germany 2015-12-03

Venue: Ruhr Congress

Tour: I`m Back - European Tour 2015

Audience Recording

Sound: very good

The recording was very very low - why ever.So listen to the sample and come to a decision.


01. Intro
02. Help Me
03. I'm Back
04. Say Goodbye To The Blues
05. Life In The Jungle
06. Almost Gone
07. Omaha
08. Tomorrow Seems So Far Away
09. Playin� Hideaway
10. Haunted By The Night
11. Fly Away
12. Please Take Me Home
13. I Can Tell
14. Serve Me Right To Suffer (incl. drum solo)

15. Going Down

Walter Trout - guitar & lead vocals
Sammy Avila - keyboards & vocals
Johnny Griparic - bass
Michael Leasure - drums & vocals

Jon Trout - guitar & vocals
Andrew Elt - additional vocals
Martin Gerschwitz � keyboards

Lineage: SP-CMC-25 with SP-EMC-1 Croakie Mount Option > SP-PREAMP - Sound Professionals - Low Noise Gain-Selectable Portable Stereo Preamp (0db gain) > Edirol R-09HR (16 bit, 44.1 kHz) > WAV to FLAC conversion with Foobar2000 - md5 checksum with Traders Little Helper - Torrent file with �Torrent

MD5 Checksum included

Audience Recording on SDHC Card

NOTES: Special thanks to metamarc for remastering my original file: equalized with Har-Bal; tweaked with Adobe Audition 2.0; cleaned and enhanced with iZotope RX3

Sharing is great but NEVER buy or sell this recording - ignorance of this advice is NOT considered cool.

Never encode to mp3.