Walter Trout And The Radicals
013 Club Tilburg
October 25th 2002
Audience Recording
Received in A trade
Ok folks.....

By now you must have all heard that the Legendary Bluesman Walter Trout is in a serious condition and suffering from Liver Failure and is need of a liver transplant.
Without a Transplant he wont make it

Medical bills are astronomical and all I'm asking is that if you download this show follow the link posted here and donate to keep this man and his music alive
Believe me this show is worth it
I have had this is my possession a few years now and was i thought "lost"
Getting ready to move house it reappeared again so I gave it a blast to see if it was as good as I remember and Holy shit its an incredible performance
The closing 4 songs are as good as I have ever heard him perform.

I have known this kind man for over 20 years and he is not just my friend he is a friend to all of us
Peace and Thank you
For those who Burn to Cd split after Track 9

01 - Dust My Broom
02 - The Reason I'm Gone
03 - False Alarm
04 - Go The Distance
05 - Love So Deep
06 - I Don't Want My MTV
07 - Faithful
08 - You Gotta Leave This Town
09 - Message In The Doorway

10 - I Shall Be Released
11 - Serve Me Right To Suffer
12 - Amazing Grace - Good Enough To Eat
13 - The Love That We Once Knew