Walter Trout & the Radicals, Paradiso, Amsterdam NL, 2007 nov 1

Extraordinary gig, Walter playing his favourite venue, lovely duetting with this amazing (what a vibrato!) 16 yr old kid that he picked up in England, tears (or was it sweat?) running over my face.
Audience recording with the usual crowd noise. Excuses for some incidental coughing, due to a bad cold of the taper and his stash of WhiteWidow/NorthernLight.
Quality (imho): A-, if you argue that, i settle for B+
I know the songs (there is No good women & Say what you mean and mean what you say in it, encore: NoNoNo and Down down down) but i am very bad in song titles, so please help me out with the set list.

Walter Trout - guitars, vocals
Joey Pafumi - drums
Rick Knapp - bass
Sammy Avila - keyboards
Mitch Riley (?) - guitars vocals
Andrew Elch - vocals

Sony ECM 719 > Sony HiMD MZ-NH900 (SP mode) > OMA > WAV > FLAC

Recorded & uppeds by YoungPumpkin